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NB; It is true that France took over Algeria in 1830, one then wonders why the taking over of Tunisia look them over (50)fifty years.
A number of factors explain this; these were both internal and external.
Points to consider
1. France had domestic problems at home, right from the time they took over Algeria in 1830, they had been faced by 1830 revolutions, Later they were faced by 1848 revolutions, even when Napoleon III came to power, and he engaged himself in so many wars. This failed France to concentrate on taking over Tunisia
2. Presence and influence of the Ottoman Empire the controller of Tunisia.
3. Good economic relationship with Tunisian leaders like Muhammad Sadiq, France saw no need to take over Tunisia.
4. Resistances in Algeria always kept them occupied in Algeria.foristance that of Abdel kadir, Muhammad Mukhran resistance.
5. The administrative policy they adopted proved to be a failure. That was assimilation policy, it was too expensive, and conditions for one to be assimilated were difficult, this coupled with the differences between Tunisian Arabs and the French made it a failure and affected their conquest of Tunisia.
6. Fear by the French to counteract with fellow European powers that is Britain and Spain.
7.Fear of Muslim brotherhood for stance the Sanusiyyab in Libya that was comprised of radical Muslims who were ready to fight against French in fidels.
8. Differences in religion, whereas Tunisians were majorly Muslims, the French were Catholics, such a difference scared off the French and ended up waiting until 1881. (Strong determination by Tunisians to protect Islam)
9. Need to first consolidate their position in Algeria.
10. The French felt that the area was too big for them to control it.
11. Poor infra structural development in Tunisia, this frustrated and intimidated the French to occupy the country.
12. The French were limited in number to occupy Algeria and at the same time to take over Tunisia.
13. The Tunisians especially those in the southern part were uncooperative and hostile.
14. The double stand nature of European powers scared off the French in fear of collaborators among the Tunisians.
15 Industrial revolution had not yet spread in France like it was in Britain, Belgium
16. Failure of France to give Tunisians material gains and control of Algeria as expected by the Tunisian government which had helped the French to occupy Algeria expecting to be favoured.

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