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Note. Effects are both positive and negative
Points to consider.
1 The Beys were weakened and Algerian authority was taken over by the French.
2.. Western type of government system largely based on French style like chamber of deputies was introduced.
3. Replacement of Muslim judicial system with French justice of peace which left many laws imposed in favour of the French.
4. Algerians were over taxed yet even the method of collecting the taxes was brutal.
5. Algerians were forced to provide cheap labour yet ever the conditions work was hostile.
6. Led to spread of Christianity but did not endeavor to end or destroy Islam.
7. French education system was introduced leading to the development and growth of elites who helped in colorual administration and eventually agitated for Algerian independence.
8. Led to introduction of French language at the expense of local languages in Algeria.
9. Increased urbanization. e.g. Algiers developed into an international city
10. Abolition of slave trade which the Africans had used to accumulated lot wealth, this weakened their economic base.
II. Algerian economy was weakened due to the 36 million Francs imposed on Algeria as war indemnity and this was worsened by exploitation of Algerian resources.
12. Arms embargo weakened the military of the Algerians.
13. Moslem Algerians became squatters after the French alienation of their land.
1.4. Code de indignant tortured Muslims and restricted their movements
1.5. Assimilation policy was introduced which saw a numbers of Algerians assimilated which undermined African Algerian culture.
16. Algerians resistance movements like those of Abdel Qadir and Muhamadi Mikhail were staged and suppressed and many Algerians lost their lives and property in this resistances
17. New crops were introduced like citrus fruit and barley. This improved on peoples ‘standard of living

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