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• Brief background of French conquest of Algeria.
• Show how it influenced events III the Maghreb region
• Conclude.
French conquest of Algeria in 1830 opened doors of North Africa to European colonialism; the whole of Magbrcb region after 1830 was affected in the following ways
Points to consider.
I. French conquest over Algeria led to colonization of Tunisia in 1881. France
did not want the eastern boundary of Algeria to fall to a rival power Therefore in 1881; a French army moved from Algiers and occupied Tunis after signing the treaty of Bardo on 12th May 1881.
2. France disliked any country to take over her western neighbour MoroccoSoin 1912, morocco was taken over by France.
3.French conquest over Algeria led to the revival of the Ottoman rule in the Maghreb region, for instance the Turkish intervened directly in Libya to overthrow the Karamanli dynasty which was ruling Libya.
4. Failure of Italy to take over Tunisia made her compensate herself by taking over Libya.
5. Desire for a big market by France made her take over Morocco and Tunisia
6. Following French conquest of Algeria and the resultant economic benefit. other European powers thought of competing with France by colonizing i.e. Algerian north eastern neighbour Tunisia. In fact Germany deliberately encouraged both Italy and France to occupy the country. Thus France rivaling with Italy over Tunisia.
7. Led to increased conflicts between morocco and Algeria rebel. Morocco had given asylum to Abdel Kadel an Algerian rebel. This led to 1844 battle of river isly in which the Moroccan army was severely beaten by the French troops.
8. French occupation of Algeria further stimulated the activities of the Khrumir tribes’ men, they always launched attacks on the French in Algeria, and they looted their property and even killed some in the process. This situation forced the French to invade Tunisia, the tribesmen were defeated forcing the Bey, Tunisia to sign the treaty of Bardo on the 12th of may 1881 which led to the subsequent French occupation of Tunisia.
9. French presence in Algeria led to the growth of Islamic fundamentalism in a Maghreb countries e.g. the Sanusiyyah brotherhood founded by Muhamadi Asanusiin 1837.
10. Led to army confrontation between Germany and Britain against France leading to the Moroccan crisis of 1905 in which Germany bombarded Tangr, which finally led to Algeria conference which was held in Spain in 1906 to determine the position of Morocco.
11. French presence led to the growing friendship between Morocco and Britain which led to the signing of the commercial treaty between Sultan Abdul Kehman and Britain in 1956 which allowed Britain to monopolise the purchase of wool
12. French conquest made the Turkish empire to weaken further which left Maghreb countries without protection of the Turkish empire.
13. Led to loss of lives and property in the whole region.
14. The French occupation of Algeria intensified colonial rivalry over the Magreb which led to international conferences like the Berlin conference of 1878 which encouraged the French to take over Tunisia as were the Italians for Libya.

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