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1.Why did the German apply direct rule in Tanganyika?

1.Why did the German apply direct rule in Tanganyika?

It was a system of colonial administration that was used by the German to administer Tanganyika.

It involved the Germans in direct administration of their colony,the creation of new chiefs and bringing in others were they were non existent.

Under this system traditional chiefs lost their posts which were given to the akidas and the number from the coast.

The system was dictatorial, ruthless and authorian,which aroused resentments and rebellions from the local people.

Direct rule was started and popularized by dr Carl peters who was a German colonialist.

Direct rule was used because the Germans believed that it was the only system through which they could administer Tanganyika.

They also believed the system would enable them effectively exploit and benefit from Tanganyika resources.

The Germans had used force to take over many part of Tanganyika and therefore soldiers had to be used otherwise Africans could revolt any time.

The German wanted to promote their superior culture over the Africans which would involve imposing their culture and legal system over the people of Tanganyika.

The Germans were also a proud group of people and therefore used this system to stand high and above the Africans.

The Germans had suffered early revolts and therefore had to bring in the harsh akidas and jumbes to tame the Africans

In many societies there were no chiefs and where they existed they were not faithful or powerful enough for the Germans to entrust them with their powers and authority.

They opted for this system because they had enough manpower to man all the departments and hence no need of including Africans.

They might have feared the expenses of training Africans before taking over administration since this could strain their budget.

The Germans also used direct rule because of their inexperience in the colonial administration because they had just started acquiring colonies.

They feared to use a system which was used by their rivals the British as this would intensify competition and rivarly amongst them.