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10.What were the terms of the Devonshire white paper?

10.What were the terms of the Devonshire white paper?

The Kenyan highlands were exclusively reserved for the white settlers only.

The asians were allowed to elect five members to the legislative council but not on the same voters roll like the whites(on communal basis)

Asians were also to be represented on the municipal councils

The legislative council was to have eleven Europeans,five Asians,one arabs and the missionary to represent African interests

There were to be no more restrictions on Asians immigration into Kenya since they were also subjects of the British empire.

There was to be no more racial segregation or discrimination in all residential areas settling in these areas was now to open to all people Africans Asians and Europeans alike

A missionary (Dr.Arthur) was to be nominated to the legislative council to represent the interests of the Africans

Africans were allowed to be members of the local councils

The colonial office in London was to watch over the Kenyan affairs in order to see that the interests of the Africans are protected and given first priority

The document recognized the contribution made  by the European community in the development of Kenya

But it also warned them against making further advances towards self made it clear that all racial groups must gradually work towards this goal

The paper clearly stated that kenya was primarily an African territory and that the interests of the Africans were paramount

It also stated it clearly that the settlers would no longer have controlling influence on the government.( that it will always serve their interests)

The paper ruled out any constitutional changes in favour of the settlers

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